emsee's Journal

26 June 1974
I work for a small company doing Health & Safety, network & web admin, programming, other techie odds & ends.

My hobbies/interests are shown below.
1980s, 80's, 80's music, 80s music, aardman, airwolf, animals, artificial intelligence, babylon 5, ballooning, bath, bill bryson, bill oddie, blackadder, books, bristol, britain, british television, cartoons, cats, caving, chocolate, cinema, computer animation, computers, conservation, countryside, creature comforts, dark chocolate, dark skies, day of the triffids, digital photography, dilbert, doctor who, dorset, douglas adams, dr who, dukes of hazzard, dvds, england, enya, evanescence, films, finding nemo, formula 1, formula one, futurama, gadgets, galaxy chocolate, geekiness, genealogy, goodnight mister tom, great britain, harry potter, heros, history, hot air ballooning, ice cream, internet, irc, john thaw, john williams, kaiser chiefs, knight rider, livejournal, lj, lord of the rings, lost, march of the penguins, michael jackson, mint, monty python, movies, music, natural history, nature, nature photography, old tv, penguins, philip pullman, philosophy, photography, photos, photoshop, pocket pc, pocketlj, pocketpc, poetry, pop music, practical conservation, procrastination, programming, qi, reading, red dwarf, roast dinners, robert rankin, sausages, sci-fi, science fiction, scissor sisters, shawshank redemption, shy, shyness, simpsons, smallville, smartphone, social anxiety, social phobia, space, squirrels, star trek, star wars, stargate, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, stephen fry, stephen spielberg, steven speilberg, stuck in a rut, sunrises, sunsets, swimming, taken, taking pictures, technology, television, tennis, the 80's, the a-team, the countryside, the flumps, the muppets, the simpsons, thinking, time travel, tom & jerry, top gear, tv, two ronnies, uk, united kingdom, walking, wallace & grommet, web design, white chocolate, willo the wisp, yoga