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28th-Sep-2011 10:07 pm - Cycle log (for 28th Sep)
Cycled into work this morning (weather was too good to miss):
Distance: 4.9 miles
Time: 24min 21secs
Avg Speed: 12mph
Max Speed: 23.1mph

Way back
Distance: 4.92 miles
Time: 25min 27secs
Avg Speed: 11.6mph
Max Speed: 26.3mph
22nd-Sep-2011 10:38 pm - Cycle log for 22nd September
Cycled to work today for possibly the last time this year (assuming the weather doesn't improve). It's also World Car Free Day which I didn't know until this morning which did give me the extra motivation I needed to cycle in.
Time: 25mins 36secs
Distance: 4.89miles
Avg speed: 11.4mph
Max speed: 21.8mph

Way back
Time: 25mins 27secs
Distance: 4.91miles
Avg speed: 11.2mph
Max speed: 24.8mph
23rd-Aug-2011 10:36 pm - Cycle log
Monday 22nd August

Lost the stats for the cycle in but did see 3 rabbits

On the way back I saw several horses & foals.
Dist: 4.93
Max: 231
Avg: 11.3
Time: 25min 58sec
17th-Aug-2011 08:59 pm - Cow's head stuck in ladder
Silly cow's head stuck in ladder

A member of the public 'rung' the Scottish SPCA, who then took 'steps' to remove the ladder...
3rd-Aug-2011 09:15 pm - Cycle log
Cycled to work on Monday for the first time since before I went on holiday.
Forgot to push the monitor thing fully into its holder on the way there so I didn't get any stats.
Got some for on the way back though:
Avg. speed: 10.6
Max. speed: 26mph
Distance: 5.58 miles
Time: 31min 26secs

I took it reasonably easy on the way back apart from pushing it down a hill to get my max speed up :)
I also rode past the turning off the cycle path I normally come off at as I was curious as to where the path went after that point.
I found there were several other entrances into my estate (nearer to my road) and discovered where the track goes under the road I normally drive on when I'm going to work in my car - I'd never actually seen that part of the path. 
I wanted to be a bit more curious about things and explore a bit more as I feel that's something I've not done since....well probably school really.
11th-May-2011 10:21 pm - Updates backlog - March
I've got a load of updates to do so I thought I'd break them down by month.

In March, I did a photography walkshop as I mentioned in this post.
I forgot to post the photos from that so here they are (click to see full size images):


I just realised I haven't posted the photos I took of Ebbor/Cheddar Gorge (6th March) or Avebury (19th March) yet so I'll do that soon.
The rest of the things I did in March were covered in this post.

Next up, April
20th-Apr-2011 10:01 pm - Cycle log
11th April 2011
  Cycled to work for the first time this year today.
    Time taken: 25mins,
    Distance: 4.88 miles,
    Average speed: 11.5mph,
    Max speed: 23.1mph

  Cycle back from work:
    Time taken: 26mins,
    Distance: 4.89 miles,
    Average speed: 11.2mph,
    Max speed: 22.4mph

19th April 2011
  Cycled into work this morning. Must have heard a dozen different birds singing.
    Time: 25m 52s,
    Distance 4.89 miles,
    Avg speed: 11.3mph,
    Max speed: 21.8mph.

  Cycle ride back from work:
    Time: 22min 32 sec -  a new record!  Pre. record 24mins
    Distance: 4.93m,
    Avg. speed: 13.1mph,
    Max. speed: 26.6mph - a new record!!!  Prev. record 25.7mph on 9th Sep 2010
17th-Apr-2011 11:38 am - Worrying is...
Most of our worries are like old Doctor Who monsters - made of bubble-wrap & green paint & are equally unconvincing when we examine them close up.
10th-Apr-2011 08:52 pm - Walk
Went for a walk across the original Severn Bridge today and in to Chepstow to have lunch in the castle grounds.

The walk was supposed to be 6 miles but when we finished, I looked at the GPS tracker app on my phone it was actually 11.5 miles!
I didn't believe it at first so double checked it when I got back and manually re-traced the route on Google Earth using the measuring tool and confirmed it.
I will have to have words with the two people leading the walk!

Click here to see the route we took

No wonder my feet were sore by the end.
The fact that it was mostly on hard surfaces rather than paths didn't help.  I think I would have been better off wearing trainers rather than walking boots.
9th-Apr-2011 04:47 pm - Bike ride & bird song
I decided to dig my mike out the shed today with the intention of getting it ready to cycle to work from next week on some days.
As the weather was so good, I thought I would go for a test ride today.
I thought this would also make a good Artist's Date for this week.

I cycled most of the route I normally go to work but then turned round and just too a few random paths on the way back to see where they went as I've always wondered where some of the paths went.
Exploring is something I very rarely do as normally I have to be somewhere by a particular time so never really have time to divert off onto unknown paths.  Also, In the past I have been wary of exploring in case I get lost but I knew roughly where the direction the paths went so felt it was OK to experiment a bit.
It was quite good fun - I found a way back that avoided some of the path that ran next to the main road so it was a bit quieter.

Click here for pics

I also recorded a lot of bird song along the way as after doing the Mindfulness workshop last weekend, I learned really making time to listen to bird song can be very relaxing - a kind of meditation and keeping yourself in the present rather than worrying about the past of future.
  Bird song on 9th April 2011 by emseebristol

Distance travelled: 8.88 miles, 1hr 3mins spent cycling (total time taken around 1hr 30 mins), avg speed 8.4mph, max speed 21.1mph
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