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6th-Apr-2011 09:03 pm - 'A' is for the mighty Apple

'A' is for the mighty Apple
Originally uploaded by emsee.

First photo in my A-Z Photo-a-week photography project where I take one photo a week that relates to a letter of the alphabet

29th-Mar-2011 10:49 pm - Photos from Charity football match

Photos I took on Sunday afternoon at a charity football match where Scott Murray was playing.

This is the first time I've been to a football match and also the first time I've spent time taking action shots.
I thought they turned out quite well.
18th-Mar-2011 11:51 pm - 5 Rhythms music
Thoughtful, Heros - Thoughtful
If you've been wondering what sort of music is played at 5 Rhythms, I have created a playlist which you should be able to see below:

Thoughtful, Heros - Thoughtful
Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity
I love this advert - Hilarious and well made:


I've been going to 5 Rhythms since April 2010 and thought it may be of interest to people to post details about it and how I have benefited from it. 
I have found that 5 Rhythms has helped me in several ways:
  - I find it quite freeing and is a release for emotions.
  - It has also been good for my confidence (I never had the confidence to dance and had convinced myself that dancing wasn't my thing and was something 'other people' did and not me. Once I started 5 rhythms I discovered that I actually liked dancing.  My confidence increased so much that I danced on the dance floor in the bar downstairs a few times with others from the group which was the first time I had danced in public).
  - It is good exercise!

If you would like to try informal dancing or you used to dance and would like to get back into it then I would highly recommend giving 5 Rhythms a try (after all, there's no harm in trying it - new year, new experiences and all that).

More...Collapse )

13th-Dec-2010 11:02 pm - Backlog of posts - Freezinghill walk
For the Birds - Surprised animation, Surprised-For the Birds Animated
I haven't updated in a while (again...despite saying last time that I hadn't updated for a while that I would update more regularly - bad me :P)

Anyway, I thought I'd update what I've been doing recently in separate posts (you know how I can babble on and on so I don't want to overload everyone :P).

I went on a walk this weekend with the Brunel Ramblers.
It started from the car park at Tog Hill which has got a bit of a "reputation" as it's somewhat isolated so there was a warning not to use the toilets on your own!.
Anyway, there didn't appear to be anything untoward going on (they'd have to be rather desperate to be there at 11am on a very cold Sunday morning!!).
There were about 25 of us in total (an average number really).

We set off alongside the road which was quite busy and fast so wasn't all that enjoyable but was the only route we could take without repeating part of the route. It made us appreciate the peacefulness of the rest of the walk though.

We walked up to the line of trees on top of Freezinghill which can be seen from miles around - it was nice to finally see the landmark close up.
This is also just further along Freezinghill lane which is where I took a photo of a Sunset in the snow a couple of years ago which some of you have seen on the calendar I send out.
In the field beyond there was still the last remains of some snow which was quite surprising as I thought the dusting we had had melted a couple of weeks previously but maybe that high up it was a lot thicker.

Later on in the walk, we noticed a plane flying around above us and it then started to do various acrobatics in the air - looping around and a few other tricks - I guess whoever was flying it was practising for an air show or something. It was joined by another plane now and again too.

We walked through a field with a horse and her fowl in who seemed quite friendly but they got a bit too friendly and started checking each of us out in turn to see if we had any food. One of the horses followed one poor guy round and round the field sniffing his backpack before eventually giving up.

The weather was really good - blue sky with virtually no clouds. It was quite cold at only 1-2 degrees but we all had the appropriate clothing (I had my hat and gloves on too) so I didn't feel cold. In fact, there were about three hills we had to walk up so I was quite hot by the time I go to the top of those.

Pics to follow (remind me if I seem to have forgotten).

Other posts to come (again, remind me if I haven't posted about them in the next 3-4 days):
- Work Christmas Party
- The Artist's Way
13th-Nov-2010 06:21 pm - More photo fame
Excited-For the Birds, For the Birds - Excited
I had another photo shown on the 6:30pm Points West weather forecast on Tuesday.

I also sent a photo into the Western Daily Press newspaper which they published.
Actually I sent two photos and a poem about autumn and said I couldn't decide which photo to send so I'd let them choose (they chose the one below - the other one I sent was the one shown above so on reflection (pun intended) they made the right choice I think).

They didn't publish my poem though there was another poem about autumn in there so it would have been difficult for them to publish two on the same subject.
Maybe they'll publish it next week though Autumn is coming to an end now so I may have sent it too late.

You can see more pics from Stourhead here

Obviously this is just an approximation of what was played - the Star Wars and James Bond bits were medley's rather than separate tracks.
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