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Cycle log 
3rd-Aug-2011 09:15 pm
Cycled to work on Monday for the first time since before I went on holiday.
Forgot to push the monitor thing fully into its holder on the way there so I didn't get any stats.
Got some for on the way back though:
Avg. speed: 10.6
Max. speed: 26mph
Distance: 5.58 miles
Time: 31min 26secs

I took it reasonably easy on the way back apart from pushing it down a hill to get my max speed up :)
I also rode past the turning off the cycle path I normally come off at as I was curious as to where the path went after that point.
I found there were several other entrances into my estate (nearer to my road) and discovered where the track goes under the road I normally drive on when I'm going to work in my car - I'd never actually seen that part of the path. 
I wanted to be a bit more curious about things and explore a bit more as I feel that's something I've not done since....well probably school really.
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