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Cycle log 
20th-Apr-2011 10:01 pm
11th April 2011
  Cycled to work for the first time this year today.
    Time taken: 25mins,
    Distance: 4.88 miles,
    Average speed: 11.5mph,
    Max speed: 23.1mph

  Cycle back from work:
    Time taken: 26mins,
    Distance: 4.89 miles,
    Average speed: 11.2mph,
    Max speed: 22.4mph

19th April 2011
  Cycled into work this morning. Must have heard a dozen different birds singing.
    Time: 25m 52s,
    Distance 4.89 miles,
    Avg speed: 11.3mph,
    Max speed: 21.8mph.

  Cycle ride back from work:
    Time: 22min 32 sec -  a new record!  Pre. record 24mins
    Distance: 4.93m,
    Avg. speed: 13.1mph,
    Max. speed: 26.6mph - a new record!!!  Prev. record 25.7mph on 9th Sep 2010
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