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Bike ride & bird song 
9th-Apr-2011 04:47 pm
I decided to dig my mike out the shed today with the intention of getting it ready to cycle to work from next week on some days.
As the weather was so good, I thought I would go for a test ride today.
I thought this would also make a good Artist's Date for this week.

I cycled most of the route I normally go to work but then turned round and just too a few random paths on the way back to see where they went as I've always wondered where some of the paths went.
Exploring is something I very rarely do as normally I have to be somewhere by a particular time so never really have time to divert off onto unknown paths.  Also, In the past I have been wary of exploring in case I get lost but I knew roughly where the direction the paths went so felt it was OK to experiment a bit.
It was quite good fun - I found a way back that avoided some of the path that ran next to the main road so it was a bit quieter.

Click here for pics

I also recorded a lot of bird song along the way as after doing the Mindfulness workshop last weekend, I learned really making time to listen to bird song can be very relaxing - a kind of meditation and keeping yourself in the present rather than worrying about the past of future.
  Bird song on 9th April 2011 by emseebristol

Distance travelled: 8.88 miles, 1hr 3mins spent cycling (total time taken around 1hr 30 mins), avg speed 8.4mph, max speed 21.1mph
12th-Apr-2011 07:58 pm (UTC)
Well done on getting your bike out and exploring new paths. I saw mine in the shed at the weekend and thought how I must cycle again as well this Summer.

Hehe great bird tune :-)

You nabbed some pretty shots as always :-)
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